The Drawing Room

The main entertaining room of the home suffered extensive damage to the floors prior to its renovation in 2004. Vanessa Byrd, the woman who rescued it, says the floors were collapsing into the basement and it looked like “a skate park.”   The original sage-green colored tile fireplace remains and was free standing by itself at the end of the room when Byrd took ownership.

The floors are therefore not original to the house, but are beautiful old wide plank boards hard to find in any home. The room contains four sets of quatra-foil doors opening to the front patio and the front porch area.  The staircase is very unique with wood detail design that we are seeking to identify. (Arts and Crafts?)  The black walnut paneling was restored and in a few cases recreated by a talented local artist.  Some of the door frames and panels were also heavily repaired or recreated.  A delightful photo of Hope Ryan’s children in front of the fireplace, including one son looking up the chimney for Santa, appeared in the local newspaper. We are seeking a better copy than the poorly xeroxed copy that exists.

Note: The light fixture pictured is not original to the house but noted here for archival purposes.