History of Homes on Chiles

The history of The Chiles House is connected to the avenue that bears its name. We collected historical information from deeds, phone directories and articles from newspapers throughout history to provide the details on on the homes below. We will continue to add to it. If you have details or photos please contact us if you would like to see them added.

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Trivia: Chiles Ave was once designated by the town of Kenilworth as a major thoroughfare of the community.


UPDATED: April 28, 2020

1 Chiles Ave – July 27, 1933 ACT article reference to opera singer Mr. Arturo de Philippi and his wife have been “residing at 1 Chiles Ave, Kenilworth Park.”1-chiles-filippi-photo-asheville_citizen_times_sun__jul_16__1933_

— 1942 phone directory  list Harry Baxley (Cath M) slsmn Ashev Tire and Recapping Co

2 Chiles  – 1915 – Mrs. AZ Baron (per 1917 Asheville phone directory)

3 Chiles – 1915 – Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Hester (per deeds, phone directory and other sources)

— Hester served as the vice president of the Kenilworth company and a town commissioner.  The Hester family appears to have lived there until 1930. The 1931 directory then listed Dr. M M Leonard as resident. The log-cabin looking home still stands today.

Mary Katherine Hester, daughter of  E.G. Hester. Her marriage was reported by the ACT on June 20, 1926 as “one of the important social events of the season.”

— In 1936 Jos D DeNardo and his wife lived here. He was the Music Director for the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra.

4 Chiles – Unknown – Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hester (per deeds and phone directories listing the Hesters at 4 Chiles at times and 3 Chiles at others.)

— Currently 4 Chiles is the address for The Kenilworth Center in a building of the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church. It is not known at this time if there was another home across the street from 3 Chiles.

5 Chiles – 1923? – Mr. and Mrs. David Greenberg are reported on Feb 25, 1927 by the ACT to have leased the EG Hester House “for a few months.”  In 1927, an Asheville Citizen Times  (ACT) on January 30th article noted that the Asheville Chapter of Hadassah was to be “perfected” at this home and a Feb 2 article noted it would be founded at 6 Chiles by Mrs. David Greenberg.  [How many properties did the Hesters own as notations for 3, 4 5 and possibly 6 Chiles Ave are associated with them?]

— We think this was the original home of Dr. Chas and Light McClintock, His deed noted the property “adjoined the Hester property” however the Hesters may have owned properties across the street from each other  (3 and 4 Chiles Ave) and their home might have been on the 4 Chiles side where the church now stands. Dr. McClintock appears to have died in 1923.

From “The Personals” section of ACT April 18, 1929

— Phone directories listed the home as “Vacant” through the late 1920s and early 1930s.   In 1932 Rev. Paul Gresham and his wife Cora moved in. Gresham was the pastor of the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church.  They lived here until 1940.

–Throughout the 1940s the house was listed for rent and for sale. In 1946 B.A. Brown ran an ad saying “my” home for sale for immediate possession.

— On April 5, 1942 Ruth Wagner, who gave her address as 5 Chiles Ave, was arrested for illegal possession of liquor for sale at a raid at 11 Montford Ave.

5 Chiles Whitely picture Asheville_Citizen_Times_Fri__Jun_21__1963_— in 1951 C.L. Whitely district manager of the Life and Casualty Insurance Company at this address was named president of the American Business Club.  Mr Whitely dies in 1963 and his wife lives there until at least 1985.

— The last mention is 2008 when the “178 Bartlett LLC” is formed at this address by Jon Sarver.

6 Chiles –  1926?/1949 – Carl Bamford (per Rotary Club ad in ACT April 7, 1926)


— Carl Bamford Motion Picture Theatre  Majestic Amusement Company College St

–Or per this ACT article was it the Hester home leased to Mr and Mrs David Greenberg?

7 Chiles – 1948 Hilliard F Kirby purchased lot from BA Brown in 1947

— In November of 1962 ACT reported Mr. H.F. Kirby filed a complaint against his employee Loren P. Grant for forging checks. Grant was found guilty and sentenced to 7-10 years in prison.

— According to the current owners, Kirby was a serviceman who was blinded in an attack on his tank while in Europe in WW II.  He married a nurse who assisted him at Walter Reed Hospital.  It is said that John Chiles, son of Jake and Leah Chiles, assisted the couple with getting the home and insisted on hiring Kirby at his plumbing company.  The home stayed in the Kirby family until sold to the current owners in app. 1998.

8 Chiles – 1921 – Rev. Wilhelm Francke (WF) and Ruth Sandford  were listed as residents. The original home still appears to stand.

— ACT article in 1932 noted  WP Sanford was the winner of a contest. A few similar articles noting him as a contest winner appeared around this time period. Rev. Sandford’s son is WF Jr is a law student and married to Elizabeth.

— In 1937 Frank Clodfelter (fireman) listed as a resident at that time won several photo contests. However other evidence indicates the Sanford’s owned or lived in the house until 1951 when the Rev. Sanford died at age 72.  It was not uncommon for homes to be rented out, take in lodgers or be turned into boarding houses during the Depression.

— In 1943 an article ran that noted police were looking for Mrs. Grace M. Johnson who had lived at 8 Chiles. They noted that Mrs. E.G. Sinclair had an important message for her.

9 Chiles – 1949? (Zillow) – News accounts and phone directories list Sandford/Sanford at both 8 and 9 Chiles Ave in the 1920s.

— Mrs. Ruth W Sandford runs an ad noting she has a lake property for sale and to see her at 9 Chiles Ave for information.

— April 8, 1943 an article noted that the Sorette Club had met at the home of Miss Jane Duncan at 9 Chiles.

11 Chiles – 1918 – Mr. Mack K and Mrs Minnie Zindel (also listed Zendel)

— Zindel was a Kenilworth Town Commissioner and served as interim mayor after Jake Chiles resigned in early 1923. He was also part of a Taxpayer Ticket in 1928 challenging what he and others on his ticket felt were questionable practices including not holding an election in 1923 (when he himself was elected!)

— Mack Zindel had many businesses attributed to him per phone directories and news articles including: Asheville Cone and Machine Co;  Zindel Baking Company; Zindel Steam Bakery and the Asheville “C and Milk Co.” (1927 phone directory)

— The Zindels lived there until the house was listed as Vacant in 1931. In 1933 per an ACT article a Mr. H. Edward Wells was reported to be recovering from a truck accident.

— In 1938 an MG Zindel was noted to be awaiting trial for “baseball lotteries.”  Three others had been tried and sentenced already for the same crimes. An MG Zindel was listed in phone directories as a student at 11 Chiles in the 1920s.

–Mrs. Campbell of 11 Chiles runs ads offering “Board and Personal Care to babies and children” for $8-10 a week in the 1940s.  According to the current owner, Mrs. Campbell opened her home to unwed mothers. Some of the children have returned many years later to see the rooms where their mothers lived.

–In 1945 her daughter, Ella Rae Campbell  was named “Queen of the Air Naval Station Tennis Courts.” She had joined the WAVES in Dec 1943.  The Campbells lived there as late as 1947.

— 1949 a birth announcement is listed for Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Long in Jan. 1949 at this address.

12 Chiles – 1967 (per Trulia) – Apartment Building

15 Chiles – 1927?

–In 1943 an ad was run offering a room for rent in this home.

– Current neighbors say there was a tennis court on this plot of land. Uncertain when the current home was built but appers to be older home.

16 Chiles – 1923

16-chiles-kingledoors-asheville_citizen_times_sun__jul_22__1928_In 1928 newspaper ads run advertising for tenants in Kingledoors Inn located at 16 Chiles Ave.

— The first mention in a public record thus far we’ve found is of a Dr. and Mrs. JM Cheek in 1934. Phone directories list the home as vacant through the late 1920’s

— In 1939 Rose Fisher is listed as having the Lily-Fisher Kandy Kitchen at this address.

— Mrs. Devere Lentz hosts the Women’s Civic Club at her home at 16 Chiles Jan 7, 1947. DeVere Lentz, Jr. 18, was injured in an auto accident on Sweeten Creek.

— In 1950 the house was listed for rent for $55 (a week? a month?)  However, society pages noted the Lentz still lived there through 1950-1954.  Mr. Devere Lentz, Sr dies in 1953. His son, daughter-in-law and grandchild are reported living in the home in 1954.

16 Chiles Devere Lentz Jr photo Asheville_Citizen_Times_Sun__Sep_12__1954_
DeVere Lentz, Jr. 1954 from announcement of his law practice

–In 1955 and 1956 the house was up for sale for $16,000.

–Sept. 1958 Mr, and Mrs. Richard T. Borroughs at 16 Chiles announce the birth of a daughter.

— Mr. and Mrs. R.N. Coin have house guests the week of June 9, 1960. In 1962 Mr. Coin is in a car accident.  He dies in 1965.

–1966 finds the Mr. and Mrs, Jesse Donald Rose family welcoming a new daughter to their home at 16 Chiles.

–No other mention of the house until 1989 when it is listed for sale for $68,000.

17 Chiles – 1925 – Mr. and  Joseph B and Mrs. Sarah Breman are listed in phone directories

— Breman was listed as the vice president of The Carver Trading Co and “sec-treas Coml Credit and Guarantee Co”

Asheville Citizen-Times April 16, 1926

— The Bremans were listed in various records as residents (celebrating their Golden Anniversary in 1951) until the death of Joseph in 1954 (age 79) with services at Temple Beth Ha Tephila.  In 1955 Mrs JD Mauney applied for a permit for repairs to the residence at 17 Chiles.

18 Chiles (Later 1 Westchester Dr as early as 1930) – Year Unknown – Miss Wilhemina Test

— A deed of transfer from Jake and Leah Chiles to Miss Wilhemina Test, stenographer and a listing in the 1920 telephone directory pin down the date of this home to being built in the late 1910s.  Miss Test had five different (presumed) relations of the last name Test in the early 1920s (siblings?)  with occupations listed as teacher, cashier, and bookkeeper.


— At various times throughout the 1920’s phone directories other (unrelated/) individuals are listed as having been residents such as Detlef J Dreyer, architect and Samuel G Little “natl adv mngr Ashev Citizen.”

— In November 1928 a JW Test ran against Leah Chiles for Mayor of Kenilworth. She defeated him 161 to 51. A “Jas W Test” was listed as a residence in this home. Not certain if it is the same person or not.

— Various people are listed through news articles as being residents here, presumably in one of the two apartments the house was divided into at the time such as Mrs. N.A. Yancey (4/9/31).

— The Tests appeared to own and occupy the home until 1936.  The home was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weaver in late 1936.  Jacob Weaver died at home in April 1937. Mrs. Weaver would often be noted as hosting the Fortnightly Club (a club dedicated to literary study and social concern) as late as 1951. She dies in her home at age 87 in August 1963. Her obituary noted she was the granddaughter of James McConnell Smith, “the first white child born west of the Blue Ridge… and her (mother-inlaw) was the first white female child born west of the Blue Ridge.”  Virginia Weaver (daughter) was noted often as well as a hostess of The Nonpareil Club as late as 1974. She would die just before Christmas in 1988 at the age of 82 having lived there for over 50 years.

— Miss Helen Tappen, bookkeeper of the YMCA reports that her brother was seriously injured in the crash of a “sleeper plane” near Atlanta 2/28/41.

–1953 the address as listed as one of the homes holding a Billy Graham prayer meeting by Mrs. James T. Hall. Later it was reported in 1954 that Rev and Mrs. James T. Hall were moving from this address. He was at that time the Asst. Pastor of Central Methodist Church.

— in 1990 a company called Agger Media runs ads seeking applicants for positions with them at this address.

19 Chiles – “La Vista?” 1917 or 1923 – Edward and Eugenie Holland

— According to the current owner, Jake Chiles convinced his friends the Hollands to move from Florida to Asheville by building them a home on one of his lots next to his home that resembled their home in Florida.

— The Holland 1918 phone listing for the Holland residence is referred to as “La Vista” although it is uncertain if this is in reference to the Chiles Ave home or another residence in the city.

— Earliest reference of Holland in the 1918 phone directory note him as “cotton buyer”

— The 1918 Asheville phone directory listed the following servants also residing at this home: Jos Beavers chauffeur and Allie Mae Beavers cook

— The home was sold to Joseph Spellmire in 1926. The home was then refereed to as The Spellmire house” in news accounts when it was sold again to JC Wasson, During this period there are phone directory listings referring to Mrs AG (Anna?) Hayes.

— JC Wasson and his wife purchased the home in June 1932. There is an article that same period noting Mr. Wasson had retired to Asheville for the fishing. In October 1933 news stories report that a car containing Mr and Mrs Wasson and their housekeeper drove off the road in the Pisgah Forest and the next day Mr. Wasson died of his injuries while his wife and housekeeper were still hospitalized.


— In 1933 Mr. and Mrs Faydee Heer purchased the JC Wasson home per an Asheville Herald newspaper article.  And in 1936 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Young were listed as residents. In 1939 Faydee Heer transferred (sold?) the home to Ora Young.

— Mrs. C. Sisk of 19 Chiles suffered a fall according to news reports Apr 5, 1950. But a Mrs. C.E. Fisk ran a personal ad noting she lost a wallet in front of or in the alley behind her home at this address. Mr. Cecil Fisk died in 1952 at age 79. A year later the house was listed for sale for $14,000.

— 1960 news article notes Mr. and Mrs. C.K. Keenum (and at least one daughter) at this address. By 1962 the house was on the market again for $12,500 and described as “unusual” in the real estate ad. In 1965 it is listed (again) as a “must sell” at $18,500.

— Sept. 4 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowman welcome a newborn daughter.

19 nChiles Ave Holiday Lamp Post Asheville_Citizen_Times_Sat__Dec_25__1982_
Dec. 25, 1982

19 Chiles Ave Vera McClure pic Asheville_Citizen_Times_Wed__Jun_27__1973_


–1972 Robert McClure, Sr. is listed as resident at this address in the obituary of his brother. In 1973 his wife, Vera McClure is honored for 35 years of teaching.

— Jan. 1999 Robert McClure, Sr. dies at home.  Her funeral notice was listed April 3, 2003.  The current owner notes the house had been condemned. Uncertain if it was at this time.

20 Chiles Ave – 1922 – Dr. N.P. Maddux owner per deed 3/5/18. Purchased from The Kenilworth Co.

— There are many confusing references in the deed transfers of this property to streets that were either renamed, too far or no longer exist such as “Wyoming Road” and “Conastee Dr” which serve as boundary points for this property.

— In 1920 Maddux sells (land? house?) to W.J. Leiman. Phone directories show the house as “Vacant” until 1929. However, in 1929 there is a deed transfer to GC and Mary Alberta Varner.  The phone directory lists Leiman until 1931. There are some “Agreements For Sale” involving J.O. Reynolds but then in 1935 there is a transfer of deed from Reynolds to C.M. Fortune and the Imperial Life Insurance Co.

— 1935 social column notes Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Reynolds hosted a Keno Party to benefit the Atlantic and Pacific Managers Benefit Association.

— Jan 24, 1936 a death notice ran for their  nine-year old daughter Aileen Phillipa Reynolds.

–1938 Miss Mary Reynolds wins a pass to see Tom Sawyer.  Cpl. Joseph William Reynolds, their son would be killed in a motor accident at Camp McCain, Miss. in October 1943. The family is mentioned frequently in social columns and wedding announcements until 1963. Ads are run during the late 1950s and early 1960s for both a two bedroom apartment and an efficiency apartment at this address.

— Beginning 1958 other names of residents are noted including Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pedlow, who welcome the birth of a son. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Jarrett and their daughter Deanne, who frees a dog caught in a bear trap. Mrs. Frances Alterman who reports lipstick smeared on her Studebaker car (as do two other homes) in July 1959.  Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. James Newton, recent graduates of Bob Jone University, announce their plans to live at 20 Chiles in 1962.  Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Presley follow suit in 1971.  Thomas and Cindy Stone are noted here in 1973.  Cynthia Young would go on record in a letter to the editor in favor of legalizing alcohol (the Mixed Drinks Senate bill 735) in 1979. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Crouch announce their daughter’s engagement here in 1985.

21 Chiles Ave – 1922 -“Chiles House”   James Madison “Jake” and Leah Arcouet Chiles  (We developed a full page on the various transfers, history etc of this property)  Original home still standing.

Barney and Hattie Pearlman, along with several children, residents of 21 Chiles from approximately 1936-1938

22 Chiles – “The Mushroom House”  Unknown – Unknown Owner


The “Mushroom” House (circled). To the right is 24 Chiles Ave. Date unknown. It is estimated as being taken between 1921 and 1925. The first house on the left is 19 Chiles, the Holland family home per the inscription on the back.                                                                                 The first photo was also found in the Pack Memorial Archives with the following note “Scan made from original print from notebook loaned by John Chiles. This residential area of Kenilworth Park developed by “Jake” (James Madison) Chiles. As noted on back of print, houses left to right are Holland house (Spanish style with tile roof)  [19 Chiles], top of Brennen house [17 Chiles and should be “Breman”], Self house [20 Chiles], English house (Diamond Lynch) [22 Chiles], and Lou Pollock [24 Chiles]. Photo identified as taken by George Masa by 0-383 in lower left corner.”   [I have added what I believe to be the addresses for each house in [ ] based on our research.]




[This picture immediately above provided by Carolyn Clark Campbell from a post on our Facebook page. Thank  You!]

22-chiles-mandy-johnson-photo-asheville_citizen_times_sun__apr_8__1928_— A wedding announcement from April 8, 1928 of Miss Mandy Johnston to Mr. Junius Moore Horner, Jr stated they would live permanently at the home of the bride’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hall Johnston at 22 Chiles Ave. The wedding was small due to the recent death of Mandy’s grandfather.

— Ads in 1933 note that one can take free lessons in making fibre flowers at this address.

–The Burton Freis are noted in society columns as living at this address several times in 1934. Unsure if this is a typo as they also lived at 21 Chiles.

22 Chiles Ave Webb Home Ad and Pic Asheville_Citizen_Times_Tue__Jun_14__1938_— It served as The Webb Nursing Home in the late 1930s as late as 1940, a boarding house in the 1940s, an apartment building and  a “50 bed unit” motel in 1951. It was sold to Dan Mosseller and A.G. Carver in 1954.

— An article Nov. 11, 1936 notes that two “Negroes” were charged with a capital offense for attacking W.A. Cook in his bed at this address. He was beaten with a lead pipe and taken to his basement where he was tied up. He was robbed and his car was taken. The charge of first degree burglary was a “new crime… punishable by death.”

— A letter to the editor in 1965 indicates it had been boarded up for many years.  In 1973 the city voted to condemn it and tear it down. In 1965 they had reversed tearing it down believing it “too valuable to be torn down.”  The owner, Dan Mosseller, according to news articles in the ACT threatened to harm or shoot anyone (“bloodshed”) who tried. It went to trial and the courts sadly ordered this wonderful piece of architecture torn down.  It was replaced and in the spirit of its former history serves as group residential housing.

23 Chiles – 1951

23 Chiles Tom Posey photo Asheville_Citizen_Times_Sun__Jan_16__1955_— A building permit was pulled in March 1950 by Thomas C. Posey for a23 Chiles Betty Jean Posey Asheville_Citizen_Times_Mon__May_11__1992_ $9000 6-room home build. Tom Posey is nominated for the Jaycees Outstanding Young Man Award for 1954 per a Jan. 1955 article.

— In 1975 Tom Posey runs as a Democratic candidate for Asheville City Council. In 1978 he was appointed to the Civil Service Board, having served as a member during his previous run for city council.

— His wife Betty Jean Posey, dies at age 67, May 1992.

24 Chiles – 1923 – Mr.  Jefferson D. and Mrs. Martha Robeson


— LH and Ada Pollock and family, shoe retailer (Pollock’s Bargain Basement)  takes up residence by 1928 and live in the house as tenants until 1945 when it was sold to Scott Dillingham who used it as an office and then boarding house or hotel until 1953.

Asheville Citizen-Times Sept 13, 1933 Michalove was the maiden name of Hattie Pearlman who lived at 21 Chiles from 1935-1939. Relation?

— Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Freck are owner/residents and in March 1956,  daughter Marlene is pictured in the ACT selling a box of Girl Scout Cookies for Kenilworth Troop 35.

— In January 1970 the Asheville Citizen Times reported that the Clifford Bull family living here at the time had  “mysteriously vanished.”  The home was found ransacked with the doors open. Appliances were plugged in and food spread out on the counter as if the family had been interrupted. Ice 3-4 inches deep was found.  On Feb 4, the ACT reported the family had left town back in October and the house had been robbed  (including of guns) and ransacked with pipes broken in the plumbing and furnace.  The family put the remaining furniture and belongings in storage not sure if they would return. The house was sold to Mr. and Mrs. David Watkins in Nov. of that year.

25 Chiles – 1941

— The first mention in the Citizen Times is of Miss Hannah Plumber and Richard F.  Davis marriage May 25, 1940 and notation that they will live at 25 Chiles Ave. They have a son 10 months later.

— An ad listing this home for lease by “owner” Scott Dillingham appears Nov. 1950.

25 Chiles Mrs Smith pic Woman of the Week Asheville_Citizen_Times_Mon__Mar_24__1958_–Mrs. Bernard Smith hosts a party for a bride to be May 1951. Bernard Smith is noted in 1957 as a reporter for the Asheville Times in an article that also stated he was the new foreman of the Buncombe Superior Court Grand Jury.

— March 24, 1958 Mrs. Smith would be named Woman of the Week by the Asheville Times. (See photo left).

–By the early 1960’s the family noted here are the L.P. Dixons and until as late as 1978.

26 Chiles – 1925 – “The Greene House” – Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Louise A. Greene

— The architect of Chiles House and several other prominent Asheville buildings built his own home on this corner of Chiles diagonally across from Chiles House and bordering on the park.  As of October 2016 this home was for sale.

26-chiles-children-of-the-american-revolution-asheville_citizen_times_sat__mar_22__1930_— In March 1930 the society pages noted that Miss Katherine Green was hosting this event.

— The home passed through several hands in the 1930s including Angelo and Zannie Raymondo, and daughter Marie E. and maid Edna Samuels; Mrs. Stella Starkey, widow of Nody Starkey; Thomas D and Minnie Hunter (Thomas was listed as president of Parkland Chevrolet).   In 1942, the phone directory listed it as Elbert and Maxine Posey of Packway Cleaners and Laundry. A 10 years ago note from May 15, 1949 (meaning the event happened in 1939) said that Mrs. T.D. Hunter would host the birthday party of the Auxiliary of Kenilworth Presbyterian Church in her home at 26 Chiles Ave.

— In May 1981 this home was featured on the Preservation Society Heritage Week Tour of Area Homes. Owners were listed as Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boggs.

27 Chiles – 1927 – Dr. P.F. Wiest (per the 1929 phone directory)

— Mr. and Mrs. FJ Lhota took up residence in 1931.  At some point they moved to 310 Lakewood Dr.  In the late 1940’s Mrs. Lhota appeared to be very involved with the Kenilworth Garden Club, often listed as running the business meeting portion.

— An ad in 1938 lists the home for sale for $7500.

— In July of 1946 Dorothy A. Haley of 27 Chiles was convicted of speeding and “fined $15 and the costs.”

–August of 1948, Miss Ruth McCann hosted a lingerie shower for her friend the “bride-elect of Carlisle Redman”  Two years later she holds a “crystal shower” for the bride -elect of Cornelius McShane. She will return in 1953 to spend the holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John H. McCann of this address.

–The home is listed for rent for $90 in 1954.  A few months later Dr. M.W. Woodard opens offices and notes he, his wife and his three children reside at this address.

–By 1962 Mrs. Blanche Michel  Gerard is listed as resident here. Originally from Luxembourg, she translates part of the Asheville Times into French for a special edition delivered to France and Germany.

— 1972 lists Mr. and Mrs. Milton West of this address via a news article about the marriage of their son.

–In 1975 the house is for sale for $29,900. A year later it is still for sale at the same price.

28 Chiles –  1971 – (No information at this time)

29 Chiles – 1926/1955 – Mr. Ethan S. and Mrs. Irene F Koon; pres Koon Oil Co per phone directory

— Nothing is known of the probable home that existed here in 1926 and 1927.  An article Dec 30, 1926 states the Koons hosted the wedding of “L.L. Jenkins capitalist to his secretary..” in their homer at 29 Chiles.  Per Zillow, the existing home was built in 1955.

30 Chiles – 1978 (No information at this time)

31 Chiles – 1923 – RY Grant per 1929 phone directory

— In 1930 an article noted that Mrs. WK Whitson, wife of Dr. WK Whitson was opening the Kenilworth Kindergarten in her home at 31 Chiles Ave.  That same year her husband was elected vice-president of the Asheville Dental Society. Mrs. Whitson was noted often in the ACT as a soloist at various concerts including the First Baptist Church.

Asheville Citizen-Times April 21, 1930

— It may have served as a boarding house or the owners took in boarders as many different names are listed as r31 (meaning resident rather than homeowner) in the 1930s and up through 1942.


32 Chiles – 1958 (per Zillow) 1953 (per ACT article) – (No information at this time)

34 Chiles – 2016 (per Zillow) (No Information at this time)

35 Chiles – 1993 (No information at this time.)

36 Chiles – 1926 – AH Adams per 1929 phone directory

— Adams ran on the Taxpayers Ticket in 1928 where he lost after receiving 79 votes

— Edgar and Cath L Ford took possession. He was a chemist who rose through the ranks to become chief chemist at Sayles Bleachery while she was a music teacher at 8 1/2 Wall St. Their son William would become a chemist as well.

39 Chiles – 1928 – GJ Faulkner per 1925 phone directory

— Faulkner was elected to the Kenilworth Town Commission as part of the February 1928 “Citizen’s Ticket” that successfully fought off the “Taxpayer’s Ticket” challenging the current administration of the town at that time.

April 7, 1929 – The article also noted his twin brother, Jack was the third person to turn in three new subscriptions. Sibling rivalry…

— 1931 to 1932 it was the home of Grant Simpson, the husband of former Ziegfeld comedian Lulu McConnell, who appeared in movies and on the radio program “It Pays to Be Ignorant.”  They moved there for Grant’s health. Sadly he died in January 1932 before getting to see his wife in a movie that screened in Asheville and attended by Lulu.


— 1936-1939 Elizabeth Cooper (widow), Millard Ward (writer, then journalist) and his wife Mary as well as a Susan Ward (clerk)

Ad in the Asheville Citizen-Times January 20, 1932


In 1935, the ACT reported that writer Millard Ward, author of the novel “Brute” was moving to 39 Chiles Ave to make his permanent home.

1943-1944 (At least)  Dr. Arnold Dann becomes friends with the composer Bela Bartok, who is in Asheville recuperating from TB.  Dann was an organist and choir director at All Souls Episcopal Church. Bartok used Dann’s piano to finish his piano reduction for his Concerto for Orchestra. He may have also worked on his Solo Sonata here but more likely he worked on that at Albemarle Inn.

40 Chiles  – Unknown – (per series of articles in 1926) There is no house with an address of 40 Chiles Ave currently but there is one with an address of 177 Chiles that may have taken its place.

Front page article ACT July 23, 1926

— Mr. and Mrs. Forest B Wood were reported as living on Chiles Ave in 1926. Most did not give a street address but a social column article listed the home as 40 Chiles.  Forest Wood, a church deacon, was attacked and beaten by an on-duty police officer who claimed Wood cursed at him. The officer was arrested and sentenced to 60 days in county jail.  Wood supported a pardon request saying the officer had apologized and Wood felt it was part of his Christian duty to forgive him.

41 Chiles – 1928 – Mills T Holman

— MT Holman buys the property in 1927 from AJ Gillian.   Deed of Trust to David B Harris in 1928 and a home is built.  Holman ran on the Progressive ticket in November 1928 with JW Test running as the candidate for mayor.  They lost against the Citizen’s Ticket and Leah Chiles was elected mayor.   His next door neighbor Jack Faulkner had been elected in the February 1928 election and was supporting the Citizen’s Ticket.  Holman defaults in 1932 and loses the house back to Harris.

— The house was listed as vacant in 1931 and after that it appears to have been a boarding house up through 1939 when it is purchased by William and Mary Ruth Conder from Harris . In 1942  Mary Conder is listed as “Investigator Am Enka Corp” lived here.  I wonder if this was an unusual job for a woman?  She remarries a man named Sneed and the house stays in her possession until her death. The current owners are the fourth including the period of bank ownership.

43 Chiles – Unknown -John D and  Mary  O. Crews per 1924-1927 phone directories

— At this time there is no home at 43 Chiles but there is an address of 176 Chiles beyond 41 Chiles that might have taken its place.

— Phone books from the 1930s as far as 1942 stopped at 41 Chiles in street listings.

44 Chiles – 2010

46 Chiles  (per 1927 directory but no other mention after that)

176 Chiles – 1957  (No information at this time)

177 Chiles – 1955 – (No information at this time)

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