Residents from 1922-Present


1922       James Madison “Jake” and Leah Chiles (and sons John and Arcouet)

1923        James Madison “Jake” and Leah Chiles (and sons John and Arcouet)

1924        James Madison “Jake” and Leah Chiles (and sons John and Arcouet)

1925        James Madison “Jake” and Leah Chiles (and sons John and Arcouet)

(Jake dies June 1)

Harold Hunter – chauf (per City Directory)

Thaddeus (cook and house man) and Vashti (maid and house girl) Elasier

(per Sept 9, 1925 Letter of Recommendation)

 Harvie Adams (chauffeur) (per December 8, 1925 Letter of Recommendation)

1926        Leah Chiles

1927        Earnest And Willie V Alexander (per City Directory)

  Marion (boy) Alexander (student per many articles and City Directory)

  Annie Prince – cook (per City Directory)

1928        Marion Alexander (per articles. Need to confirm still on Chiles)

1929       “Vacant” (per City Directory)

1930        Laban L and Margaret K Jenkins – treas. Buncombe Cty (per City Directory)

1931        “Vacant” per City Directory

  Burton S. and Sarah H Frei (per Aug 18 article) (Burton was a high school coach who   went on to become a manager of the Kenilworth Inn)

1932         Burton S. and Sarah H Frei (per article 1932)

  Mr. Alva H. Lowe (Singer and teacher) per Nov newspaper article

  Mrs. Elizabeth Churchman (per City Directory)

  Miss Dorothy Churchman (per City Directory)

1933        For Sale (per Oct 15 newspaper ad)

 Rooms for rent (per Sept 30 newspaper ad)

1934        For Sale (per Mar 18 and June 10 newspaper ads)

 For Rent (per July 1 newspaper ad)

1935        Barney and Hattie Pearlman (RR Salvage Company, later Pearlman’s Furniture)

Ruth Pearlman (per Oct 13 news article)

Thelma Pearlman (per Dec 23 news article)


1936       For Sale (per March 8 newspaper ad)

Barney and Hattie Pearlman (per Ruth wedding news Aug 13)

1937       Barney and Hattie Pearlman (per Dec 21 and Sept 22 news articles)

1938       Barney and Hattie Pearlman (per city directory)

Fred and Anne Pearlman (per City Directory)

Frank Bailey – linoleum layer for Pearlmans RR Salvage (per City Directory)

(NOTE: April 17,1938 article notes Pearlman’s buying new home on Macon)

For Rent Unfurnished (per Nov 6 newspaper ad)

1939       Unknown

1940       Unknown

1941        John D. and Louise Lineberger (per City Directory and several news articles)

Lineberger Pres. of Junior Chamber and mgr. of S&W Cafeteria also prominent in    civic affair and responsibilities during WWIIjohn-d-lineberge-photo-asheville_citizen_times_sun__may_14__1939_

1942       John D. and Louise Lineberger (per City Directory)

Dorothy Shade – maid (per City Directory)

For Sale (per ads as early as March 15 and as late as Dec 13)

1943      For Sale (per several newspaper ads)

Deed from bank to William K and Marie Dino July 1 for $7500

1944      Unknown (Dinos?)

1945       Unknown (Dinos?)

1946       Amanda Wilson (per Jan 18 newspaper obituary of her father)

Marie K. Dino (per news article about her son Horace D’Ambrosio wedding announcement Sept 22)

1947       J Frazier Glenn (and family) (per newspaper obituary August 16 and 17 –

Died at age 40

Former Forest Hills Town Commissioner, prominent lawyer, son of judge.  Moved in June 1 and died of a heart attack in the house August 14

1948      William and Marie K Dino (per City Directory and March 14 article)

1949      Deed: William and Marie K Dino to Marie’s son Horace D’Ambrosio September

Deed: Horace D’Ambrosio to Marie K. De Medici November

1950      Mrs. Marie K. Dino (per City Directory)

1951       Marie K. De Medici (We believe De Medici and Dino are the same woman)

Deed: Marie K. De Medici to John & Anne Chiles (son of Jake & Leah) Sept.

1952 – 1964     John and Anne McDowell Chiles

Deed: John and Anne Chiles to John W. and Hope W. Ryan May 1964

1964 –2004   John “Jack” and Hope Ryan (artist)

(and son John Wade Ryan per 1971 pot arrest news story , daughter Lisa Ruth per wedding announcement Feb 28, 1976 and son Mark per May 10, 2006 obituary for Wade)

(John Ryan dies 1985) House is in condition to be condemned.

2004      Deed: Hope Ryan to Vanessa A. Cram and Jason L. Eller April 13 for $227,000

(Did not live in house according to Vanessa Cram Byrd)

2005       Deed: Vanessa Cram Byrd and Husband John Byrd III and Jason Lee Eller to Kevin Marland Gentry and Cresta A Heltemes October 20, 2005 for $950,000

2005-2016    Kevin and Rhonda Reichert Gentry

Also used as Air B&B and event space rental during some portion

2016       Deed: Kevin and Rhonda Reichert Gentry to Kevin Broadwater and James Vaughn (Broadwater- Vaughn Living Trust) October 1

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