A timeline of key dates and events in the history of Chiles House.

1870  Jun 15       James Madison “Jake” Chiles born Troy, Greenwood Cty, SC
1886  Mar. 24    Leah Arcouet Chiles born in Aurora, IL
1890                    Original Kenilworth Inn built
1891                     Town of Kenilworth organized by Senator Gazzam
1908                     Jake Chiles first visit to Asheville
1909  Apr. 1        Original Kenilworth Inn burns down
1911                      Jake Chiles incorporates Carolina Nova Cola Company (sold 1912)
1912                     Chiles purchases 151 acre parcel where Kenilworth Inn stood
1913  Nov.          Chiles and partners create Kenilworth Park Company
1913                      Town of Kenilworth incorporated
1913                     Kenilworth Development Corp. incorporated with E.G. Hester as president
1913                      Chiles begins advertising Kenilworth development
1914  Sep. 14       Jake Chiles in fire in Asheville’s Langren Hotel
1914  Feb 16         Jake and Leah Chiles married
1914                      Jake Chiles elected mayor of Kenilworth with 6 of 7 votes
1917  Dec. 28      James Richard Chiles (son) born
1916 – 1918         Kenilworth Inn re-built
1922                     Construction of Chiles House begins
1923                     Kenilworth Inn re-opens as luxury hotel
1925 Jun 1           James Madison “Jake” Chiles dies
1925                      Leah assumes responsibilities for Kenilworth corporations
1926                     Deed transfer: Chiles to First Nat’l Bank and Trust
1926                     Leah Chiles and children move to Forest Ave
1927  May 23     Letter to Leah Chiles thanking for life improvements
1927                     Phone directory list Earnest Alexander as resident of 21 Chiles
1928                     Leah creates the Kenilworth Galleries
1928  Nov           Leah elected first woman mayor of Kenilworth (and first in NC)
1929  June 30    Town of Kenilworth annexed to city of Asheville
1929  Aug 23      Kenilworth Realty Company defaulted assets sold at auction
1930                     Kenilworth Inn and Co goes bankrupt with Asheville bank closures
1930                     Phone directory lists LL Jenkins as resident at 21 Chiles
1931  Jul 22         Mr. and Mrs. Burton S, Frei noted in news reports as residents
1932                     Phone dir. lists Mrs. Elizabeth and Miss Dorothy Churchman
1933  Aug 26       Newspaper ad lists 21 Chiles as a boarding house seeking tenants
1934  Jul 1            News ad lists 21 Chiles unfurnished house for rent for $80/month
1936-1937           Newspaper ads list 21 Chiles for sale
1937                     News accounts list residents Mr. and Mrs. D. “Barney” Pearlman
1938  Sep 11         News ad lists house for rent unfurnished for $65/month
1940  Jul 21          Mrs. John D. Lineberger of 21 Chiles mentioned in news as “sick”
1941  Mar 9          Mrs. John D. Lineberger listed as hosting a bridge party in news
1942  Mar 15       House listed for sale at $16,500 “estimated value $86,000”
1946  Jan 20        Mrs. Amanda Wilson listed by newspaper as resident at 21 Chiles
1946  Sep 22       Mrs. William Dino, announces son Horace D’Ambrosio engagement
1947  June 1         J. Frazier Glenn and family take up residence at 21 Chiles
1947  Aug 15        J. Frazier Glenn dies at home at 21 Chiles
1949  Sep 27       Deed transfer Marie K. and William Dino to son Horace D’Ambrosio
1950  Jul 1            Deed transfer Horace and Evelyn D’Ambrosio to Marie K. De Medici
1951  Sep              Deed transfer Marie K. DeMedici to John Chiles (son)
1953  May 26       Leah Chiles dies
1964  May            Deed transfer John Chiles to John and Hope Ryan
2001  Nov 16       Kenilworth Inn designated historical landmark by NC
2004                      Deed transfer Hope W. Ryan to Vanessa Crane and Jason Eller
2004  Jul 30         James Richard Chiles (son) dies
2005                      Deed transfer Vanessa Crane Byrd to Kevin Gentry
2016  Oct 3           Deed transfer Kevin & Rhonda Gentry to Broadwater/Vaughn

2017                        Process to seek historical designation for Chiles house begins

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